Apr 16, 2010

Custom SQL Stored Procedure Best Practices Analyzer - SQL Cop, Maybe?

Recently, I moved to Seattle as a Data Architect for a product our company was developing. I also started taking up most of the DBX roles in that project.

Though our architecture is predominantly CRUD based and we have our in-house CRUD proc generator, some business logic invariably seeps into the SPs. And we had let it to the discretion of the developers on whether to do the processing at Data or the Business Layer. I thought it would make sense to keep a rudimentary check on what logic was going into the SP and make sure our developers don't misuse the liberty and continue to follow the guidelines defined.

Mar 14, 2010

A Scenario to Ponder #16

During my school days, I used to play this game that I would call as "word mutation". The problem statement gives the starting and ending 4-letter words.

The game is to find the path from the starting to the ending word by changing one alphabet at a time and ,of course, each of the words in the path should be a valid word.